Windows 10 vs Arduino

Is Arduino working correctly with windows 10? thanks

It's not working on my Windows 10 machine, nor on my two Win7 machines, so that's why I'm now here.

Just received the Arduino Uno kit today and I'm majorly disappointed. :frowning:

All three machines have a problem loading the USB drivers.

No problems with installation on WIN 10.

Its all working fine.

Version 1.6.7 and Arduino UNO R3 SMD

I can't speak for Win10, but it has always been working just fine on Wind 7 and Win 8.

I have two systems with whine10 and both just worked (after installing drivers - remember that many clones need a different driver).

I mean as far as arduino is concerned. One can’t print and gets graphic glitches on resume from sleep, and the other I can’t use some old tools on. But arduino is working no problem

Is Arduino working correctly with windows 10? thanks

You shouldn't be using Windows 10, regardless of the Arduino IDE.

The last good OS Microsoft made was Windows 7.

This is my first Arduino board. Following the guide I went to the device manager to load the driver. In the Browse for Folder window under Arduino ->drivers there are no files arduino.inf. All I display are folders no files. If I pick “Drivers” folder. The system says driver up to date. But when I try loading Blink file I get a load error.

But when I try loading Blink file I get a load error.

I don't have my crystal ball with me right now, and my psychic powers aren't working at the moment because I am inside a Faraday cage (or maybe there is a source of kryptonite nearby).

Do you mind telling us what the error is?

I am using Win 10 on a Dell laptop and having no problems programming my UNO R3 using the USB Connector.

The only problem I have is getting any of my USBASP programmers to work.

I am new to the forum, but I have been working with Arduino UNO and Mega2560 boards for a couple of years.

Win10 works just fine.

And as far as Win7 vs Win10 (because to be honest, who want's to ever use Win8...) I'm now in for win10. True, it's not as polished as win7 was at release but it has some great improvements over win7. But yeay, running Anti-Beacon is recommended. And while installing say no to all the questions (that default to yes...)

I have a HP win10 laptop and installed the latest IDE (1.6.7) for Arduino. I have the Arduino Zero from I followed the step by step installation guide on the site but when looking at my "Device Manager" there isn't any "Ports (COM & LPT)" and couldn't find anything that had an "unknown device". So I went to the FTDI website and downloaded the driver and installed the software on the computer. But the IDE still doesn't show any ports. I made sure that I have the correct Board software installed. Can anyone provide me with step by step instructions that work for installing the drivers to a win10 laptop? Thanks for your help.