Windows 10

I know this may not be the right place for this topic but it's a place to start.

Have ben reading about Windows 10 and Arduino. (info overload!!). my question is... does Arduino work on Windows 10 or not? I keep getting these install Windows 10 messages on my computer but I am afraid to do the down load.

Should I stay or should I go???


That's the famous Microsoft KB3035583 virus. You can get rid of it by going to Windows Update on your computer and telling it not to install updates automatically. Then you can go to "Installed Updates" and uninstall this Microsoft Virus.

Windows 10 works fine with Arduino but this virus has soured the community from taking it. It's a free update from MS, but it comes with baggage.


what is the probelm with KB3035583 ? Could it prevent uploading scripts on the chip ?

I have a "programmer not responding" issue and I use win 10, could it be due to that ?


My Win 10 problem is: the Arduino IDE windows pops up for a second and disappears again.

After a migration from win 7 everything seemed to work fine, but when I did a Nero partition copy I was left with the above mentioned error. New installation did not change anything.

Has anybody a hint?