Windows 11, take the plunge?

I usually like to wait for all the eager beavers to discover the shortcomings of new tech and have them fixed before adopting it. I'm planning on waiting on Windows 11 for this reason as well.
I just got the notification from the update tool that it's available for my laptop.

My question is, what issues have you personally experienced with Windows 11?
Please distinguish if it came with a new PC or if you upgraded and what hardware you are running it on.

Hopefully others can use this thread to make an informed decision.

The notification I got also included a tool to check your PC for the minimum requirements for Win 11. My HP laptop does not have enough memory for WIN11.

For s&g I ran the tool, 16GB is good enough. I can't imagine using any less than 8GB for much of anything now a days.

Nothing I've read about 11 makes me eager to be an early adopter - there's just nothing there I need. If my Windows PC can handle it, I'll presumably update eventually, but the delta seems so small, I can wait a long time.

I like the desktops tool, the newer style interface, and the newer snap interface with positions in the middle, but none of those are features worth a potential compromise of performance or security.

I drank the Kool Aid. It's just a marketing ploy, basically just a new dress for dolly. No problems yet...

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10400 CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz
Installed RAM 12.0 GB (11.8 GB usable)

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What hardware are you running it on, please?

Two big no-nos for me: 1/ you can't move the task bar to the left side of the screen; 2/ you can't group Start menu items together into named groups.

Each one of those is a show-stopper for me.

I can't believe Microsoft could be so idiotic as to actually remove such basic functionality. Yes, add new features and make them the default if you like, but to actually remove basic features is mad. There is no possible reason for it.

Just found this article: Latest Windows 11 overrides attempts to avoid using Edge • The Register

I use Edge, but I'm pretty sure that I'm in the minority there.

All that memory usage just to play Solitaire.....

or to calculate a 3 million digit prime number while watching reruns of MASH, but normally yeah lots of wasted RAM on modern computers.
I'm sure plenty of us remember our first computer with a full MB of free RAM. I ran MS flight simulator on mine and it was the definition of extravagance at the time.

I would wait for Windows 12, or is Windows 11 the last version of Windows ever ?

I believe Windows 7 was the last version of Windows you'll ever have to buy.

Windws update told me my system wasnt eligible. It lies. PCHealthCheck showed all good.
I imaged my drive, took multiple backups, and did the update using the installation assisitant.
It all worked and its really nice. Very reassuring.
I made a MACRIUM image
.. Except my flatbed scanner software wouldnt run.
A week later it blue screened and I had to restore from the image, losing a week of emails.
Since then its been stable (but has done some updates)
Now on build 22000.318.

Nah, they never go in sequence. Windows 9 was missing, they will skip 12 and also 13 because it's an unlucky number. Then they'll realize they need to rebrand, just like FB. So it's be called "Panes" to properly reflect the user experience.


Hey pal,, you can move the task bar to the left side. :roll_eyes:

Hey, @rohit_luck. What, definitely? It's just that one of the reviews I've read says it is no longer possible to have a vertical task bar. Apparently Stardock Start11 will let you place it at the top or bottom, but still not the left or right side of the screen.

If you are able to show me how to get a vertical task bar on the left of the screen I'd be very pleased. :grinning:

oh, you were talking about the vertical side. As in Window 11, the icons are aligned in the center of the task bar. So i thought that you talked about aligning them on the left side like Win 10.
Pardon my mistake.

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Of course. :grinning: What I can't understand is why Microsoft would actually remove the ability to put the taskbar on the left vertical side. It's not like it spoils the experience for anyone else - most people don't realise you can do that anyway. It just seems extraordinary.

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Maybe it's a sign that they built it from the ground up and neglected to put it in.
Like they did with Windows ME.
I'm sure we remember how much of a success that was. :nerd_face: