Windows 7 32bit Compatibility?


Has anyone run into this issue with using Windows 7 and the Arduino IDE?

IDE is colored gray instead of white and does not allow text/keyboard input. I get a "system alarm tone" anytime I press a key.

Otherwise the interface and compiler work perfectly. Example code can be compiled and uploaded with no problems.

Windows 7 Professional 32-bit Edition

Ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated.

This may be another Java compatibility issue. The usual solution is to rename the java folder in the Arduino directory, and see if the problem goes away.

Renaming or removing the Java folder had no effect. I have updated to the latest Java release available. Do you know where the Java directory pointer is located?

Thanks for the quick response!

Do you know where the Java directory pointer is located?

The what?

Sorry, I'm not that familiar with any programming language vocabulary. I was curious to whether or not the JRE directory could be changed for the IDE so that I could test out a previous version of JAVA besides rolling back the version already installed. Such as using the JAVA directory within the Arduino folder instead of the OS install directory. Or does it even work that way?

Again, thanks for your input.