Windows 7 and MEGA 2560 - doesn't install

I just purchsed my first Arduino board to learn about basic electronics. Maybe I gooffed and purchased the wrong board!. Should i have got the Unio board?
Here is what I have:
Computer: HP Pavilion 9700 x64 with 4meg ram
OS: Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 Installed
Arduino: Mega 2560

I downloaded the software "windows". Used WINZip to decompress the files. Hooked up the board and got one blinking yellow light and one steady(on) green light. Went to Device Manager and found usb connection and open the Arduino 1.0 file and drivers folder and only see FTDI drivers. I have tried all that are listed (amd64, i386, static) and they don't work. What am I doing wrong or missing?

Are you the administrator level user, does your account have a power to change drivers? We had the same problem once, Vista and Window7 are too tight sometimes.


Look closer!


I am running as Admin but that is not helping. I am not sure what the second post meant by look closer!?? closer at what??????

You said you didn't find the drivers for your board. In the attached image it shows where they are.

what attached image are you referring to?

In the arduino folder (where ever you unzipped it to ), there is a folder called ‘drivers’ and inside that is the *.inf files.

  1. Plug in arduino into a system USB port ( not a usb hub or helper ports at front of PC ) then Right click ‘My Computer’
  2. Click ‘Properties’
  3. In the properties window, click ‘Device Manager’
  4. In the device manager it will show a listing ‘Other Devices’ and inside that is ‘Arduino X’ where x is the type of board.
  5. If it isn’t there click the refresh button ( or menu Action->Scan for hardware changes )
  6. Right click on the arduino listing, click ‘Update Driver Software’
  7. Click ‘Browse my computer for driver’
  8. Point the file browse button to the drivers folder in the arduino install. ( mentioned at top )

what attached image are you referring to?

The image, which is attached to one of my previous posts.

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