Windows 7 Arduino shows as Communications Port

When I first plug my board in it briefly shows as Arduino Uno in Windows device manager, but once Windows has automatically installed the driver, it then shows as Communications Device (COM10). This causes a problem with the Labview Tools, as the NI Auto Detect Arduino .vi expects Arduino as the resource name. If I change the NI code to check for COM as resource name instead of Arduino, all works, but this works only because I have no other Com ports on this particular machine.

If I uninstall the driver and reinstall specifically from the Arduino drivers directory I get the same problem.

Any ideas how to force the Arduino to install itself in Windows 7 as a reported Arduino device?

I think this is a Windows 7 issue rather than an arduino issue.

FYI: I have a Duemilanove and Nano, both connected to Win 7 Pro 64-bit. They both show up in device manager under Ports (COM & LPT) as COM3 and COM6. I've never seen them identified any other way.


You need to edit the Arduino UNO.inf file in the Arduino drivers folder.

Find the following section at the end of the .INF and change DESCRIPTION=“Communications Port” to something like DESCRIPTION=“Arduino UNO”

You will need to uninstall the driver for you Arduino first, then re-install with this updated INF.

; String Definitions
;Modify these strings to customize your device
INSTDISK=“Arduino UNO Driver Installer”
DESCRIPTION=“Communications Port”
SERVICE=“USB RS-232 Emulation Driver”

Thank you so much for the help, clear and to the point, and a very simple fix that did just what I needed.