Windows 7 does not recognise UNO

I'm new to Arduino.

I have a windows 7 machine 64-bit.

I've downloaded the Arduino software and extracted all files.

Firstly I cannot find the COM/LPT ports. When in device manager there is an unknown device (the UNO board). When I right click and update drivers, when I get down to the arduino directory there is no UNO.inf file. Only two folders.

Can anyone help?

C:\Users\spcomputing\Desktop\arduino-1.0.1\drivers\Arduino UNO.inf

If still missing, try this:

Many thanks for your reply.

When I initially did this it would not install. I followed the folder path and found the files, rebooted and tried again. Finally it worked. It was strange how it did not appear until after the reboot.

Thanks again.