Windows 7 high cpu with UNO R3 connected

Hello, I'm a new user and I'm having some strange windows issues that I was hoping I could get fixed. I use a fairly underpowered laptop, celeron 847 (1.1GHz) dual core processor, 2gb ram, running windows 7 64 bit.

To start with, I am able to connect to and program my UNO R3 (ebay clone) without any issues.

When I start the IDE (1.6.7), the cpu jumps up, but then settles down to normal. When I plug in the UNO R3, without doing anything else, the cpu jumps up, spikes up and down, and stays that way. When I unplug the UNO R3, the cpu goes back to normal.

Any ideas? It isn't stopping me from working, but keeps the cpu hot and the fan blowing, as well as likely slowing down the compiles of my code.

Thanks and regards, Mike M.