Windows 7 problems

Arduino 017 application will not run. The intro graphics is displayed but then the program ends and an error message appears. I have tries updating Java JRE and this does not help.

I had the same problem. The only way I have been successful in running Arduino is to get a virtual Windows XP machine and run the Arduino program in that. You can download it from the microsoft website.

It's sort of a pain, but at least I am finally up and running.

I’m running 0017 absolutely fine on my Windows 7 x32 machine! I literally had no trouble… :-? Are you using 64 bit or something? Exactly what Windows 7 are you running?

It is now working in Virtual XP. Thanks.

I have the newest 0017 to work both on 64 bit and 32 bit Windows 7, without any problems at all. Even the drivers are 64bit approved/signed, which made me glad, because it can be really hard to install a non signed driver to a 64 bit machine.

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Try removing old java versions. Remember, you have to actually copy the JRE program file folder into the arduino program folder for it to work, unless your local vars are set to read from the latest version.

That being said and properly copied, I am running 0017 on W7, 32b. The only issue I experience is loading the Tools menu. It takes ~12s. I have filed an official bug for this.