Windows 7 VCP problem

I just got my Arduino 2009 yesterday and it WILL NOT work with 7, or… i should say 7 will not work with it.

I can install the drivers on my laptop (XP) and everything is fine. In 7 however nothing happens, if i force the drivers it encounters some BS error and still doesn’t work.

Anyone had this problem before and know how to fix it?

I am having the same exact problem, the software loads and the computer recognizes it but the USB driver will not load, so frustrating, if anyone is aware of a work around please let us know, thanks.

I found the driver that works, this should get you the needed port.

save the folder then point the driver install to the folder

That is my problem, even with these drivers it wont install. Part way through windows says it encountered an error while attempting to install. I have downloaded these driver a half dozen times already just in case..

If it helps the 'L' LED blinks constantly, not sure if that useful or not. The errors i get are: windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. code 43 and windows has stopped this device code 10

If you can't install the drivers, you need to determine why. Plugging the Arduino in without the proper drivers in place, and expecting good results, is not a reasonable expectation.

I expected that drivers that support my operating system would work, the hardware is fine being driven in XP; my issue is with 7. This is my first issue with installing something with 7.