Windows 8.1 + Arduino Nano + IDE 1.5.8 = frustration

Hi I know there is already a lot written about this and I have tried everything I could think of.

I can't get Arduino IDE 1.5.8 working on windows 8.1 with my Arduino Nano. I have tried downloading the driver from FTDI and I have also tried disabling driver signature requirement (I disabled it but I don't know how to check if it is 8 is terrible but that's besides the point) and it is still not working. If only I knew which folder the FTDI is downloading the driver to so I could point to it from the device manager.

I downloaded the driver and the board was working for about 20 minutes then it just stopped which makes it sound like it could be a chinese clone that was bricked but I have tried running that 'prog' program from FTDI in case my board is a chinese clone (which I don't think it is) but when I performed the scan 0 devices showed up. (does anyone know why it won't even show up?).

Also I am not making any connections to pin 0 which is used for programming apparently (bad design but once again besides the point haha).