Windows 8.1 dirvers

I am using a windows 8.1 laptop. When I connect my new arduino uno r3 to the laptop no divers install it does not pop up a error message, nothing happens except the noise when you plug it in. Please help!


Changing Date on Windows 8 should be similar to 8.1 Changing Date on Windows 7


No it did not help :( [u]No drivers installing nothing[/u] As i said before when i plug it in all that happens is the device plugged in sound and the arduino appears in the device manager list as an unknown device. I could use it if I had the drivers. [u]PLEASE HELP!![/u]

your arduino may not come up as a port like he said. mine came up as a modem and it wasnt even called arduino. easiest way to tell is take a screen shot of your screen then plug in your arduino and see what new thing was added to the list from there you can right click it and follow this videos instructions