windows 8.1, incremental file backup to a mapped network drive

ok, i am looking for a way to backup my windows 8.1 laptop, incrementally, to a mapped network drive (on my server). I have scoured google, and was presented with many options, and i got a headache trying to figure out the best one. most of them are either cloud storage, or too expensive. then there is the risk of installing spyware, unknowingly. all i want to do is simple incremental backups.

so i turn to my fellow techies, and ask, what do you use, and trust?


personally i just use idrive and i'm done. What do you mean, incrementally?

oh, yeah, idrive does this,

cRWSync or the built-in Robocopy usually do it for me.

You could try Personal-Backup, which I give to customers looking for a free GUI tool.