Windows 8.1 signed drivers

This weekend I assisted in an Arduino workshop for kids. They all came with their own computers and we supplied LEDs, breadboards and cables. Overall it was great fun, but for some reason - a few of the kids were unable to get the Arduino tool up and running.

I reinstalled and upon reinstalling, I noticed there was something wonky about the driver installation. It turns out that with Windows 8.1, unsigned drivers are no longer allowed & as far as I can remember - the Arduino drivers have never been properly signed?

For our workshop, this meant that 3 of 14 kids had to share equipment with other kids. I’ve found workarounds ( ), but this is really something that the Arduino team should solve ASAP as it screws thing up for those of us that host workshops to teach microcontrollers.

Anyone? (bump)

Windows has had stuff like this going for years, not just Arduino boards.

Simply pay homage to microsoft or they will make it hard for you to work on their system. But they are not totally heartless they do make a work around just a lot of extra steps.

This is why I run a MAC as it can run Windows 8, Linux and Umbutu all at the same time and I do not get the drivers issues (if system set up proper).