Windows 8 Device Driver Install ERROR for INF file

install driver on Window 8 computer:
for Arduino Uno, Debug amber light blinking all the time/power green steady

hardware other device/unknown device appears
browse to folder of Old_Arduino_Drivers on 1.5.2 IDE installation

select Arduino Uno

Update driver software - unknown device
Arduino Uno R3 found

INF file signature not found
(Arduino UNO.inf file contains wrong signature???)

on 2nd attempt:

Note the window lable:

Update Driver Software - Arduino Uno (COM4)

.....encountered error ....

Arduino Uno

Window is uninstalling this device (code 21)

however, in the device manage in the first attempt there no changes
in 2nd attempt
Arduino Uno (COM4) appeared and with triangular warning ! yellow triangle

any help on that?

The signed drivers for Windows 8 are in the Drivers folder, not the Old Windows file.

Right click the Unknown Device in Device Manager
Select Update Driver Software
Select Browse my computer for software
Click Browse button
Select the Drivers folder under the location of your Arduino software installation. (Do not select the FTDI folder inside the Drivers folder)
Click OK
Click Next

1- that exactly what I did in the first attempt
the driver install stayed on for long time (more than 10 minutes)
and did not stop, task end did not stopped, has to turn power off

2- next went to old driver file

3-thus, under driver folder, arduino.inf file exists
but did not load on several attempt when done first

4- now: computer shut, restarted
Uno connected to computer, L led blinking, and device manager comes on
where under com/LPT

Arduino Uno (not com4 as before) but also, no warning !

5- follow instruction to load blink and see if it works
tools/serial port/com4 there and selected
changed delay to 10 from 1000
click upload

green bar
Done uploading appears = success in reprogram

RX/TX blinks and L flickers as intended

Note to user the delay (10) represents duty cycle
for the led stays on while delay period = off time

delay (100) Led stays on but flicker longer
delay (1000) led turn on and off and stays off for 1 second

problem solved!