Windows 8 - I got a new computer Where do I change port number of USB devices?

I got a new computer.
It runs on Windows 8 with all the “security” features it obtrudes.
I cannot find where to change port number of my USB device.

I followed directions from the internet but the ports shortcut just isn’t there.

What is the best Arduino Nano replica that has a real FTDI chip, not a fake one. Tell me about your experience and the best vendor to buy from. (On Ebay, perhaps)

Thank you.

I got an idea: to type Arduino Nano FTDI onto ebay search engine. Some interesting results came up... I bought a board that mentioned FTDI in a description, I hope it won't have a fake FTDI chip...

Try: Show -> Show hidden devices or try reinstall (I see you have Failed descriptor) I will post images as soon i can

Because of lack of images, here is the link

0xN35T: Because of lack of images, here is the link

That is probably all correct (language issues aside) but applies to the Uno or mega rev3 driver, not the FTDI driver that the nano board uses. I noted that the FTDI website has an updated windows 8.x FTDI driver available for downloading. That is probably the path the OP needs to look into.

You only probably have to add “\FDTI Drivers” to the end of that path (probably).