Windows 8 install

Windows Pro 64 bit.

Got USB driver installed ok. Downloaded the IDE application (zip) file 1.5.2. Extracted the Zip contents in "ard Folder.
Clicked on the ardunio.exe file and indicated it was installing.
Found a folder called "Ardunio" on the desktop. Opened this folder and clicked Ardunio.exe and the IDE opened.

I think the folder "Ardunio" should have been in the c:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86).
I can not find any instructions as to how and where to install the files from the ZIP downloaded file. Can any one help please.

How do I uninstall the folder "Ardunio" from the desktop?


There is no classic installation. Just move the "arduino" folder where you want to have it - or if you want to get rid of it just delete it.