Windows 8 : very slow compilation [Partial Workaround & New Issue]


I recently installed the Arduino IDE 1.05 r2 version on my machine.
I can get my board working (Arduino Pro Micro as well as UNO) but have been experiencing extremely slow compilation issues (it takes minutes instead of seconds to compile).

Looking at post , I took the following measures.

  • turned off BlueTooth
  • removed my antivirus
  • looked for “filters” using comand line “fltmc”. Found not obvious culprit(e.g. antivirus filters etc…)
  • re-installed the Arduino IDE quite few times

These did not work. I then installed another copy of the Arduino IDE in a different folder on my D: data drive.
On the positive side, the compilation speed then dramatically improved . On the negative side, the serial monitor stopped receiving the Serial.PrintLn messages. :astonished:

IDE installed in C:\ProgramFilesX86 standard program folder

  • =(compilations run very slow ,

  • sketch loads and runs fine on the Arduino board

  • XD Serial monitor works fine I correctly gets the Serial.Println messages

  • Observations/guesses:

  • it looks like the IDE is recompiling every single file every time (i.e. even small "hello world type "program take ages to compile

  • It seems Windows 8 prevents files from being written on the programFile folders (e.g. If I run command line arduino --l4j-debug, IDE starts but no log file is created)

IDE installed on D:\ (data drive)

  • XD compilations runs quick,

  • sketch loads and runs fine on the Arduino board

  • =(Serial monitor launches fine but it does not receive SerialPrintLn messages anymore

  • Observation:

  • If I run command line "arduino --l4j-debug ", the log file is generated and confirms IDE uses its own Java environment (…java\bin\javaw.exe (OK))

  • first compile seems to run a bit slower, than all subsequent compile seem to run faster

If someone has already ran into such issues, any suggestion would be welcome.

I would be interested in finding a working fix too - for now I run on linux whenever I need to do any kind of heavy code prototyping, on 'nux the IDE insta-compiles sketches that would take over a dozen seconds on win7.