Windows 98se

Will Arduino IDE run on Windows 98se and can I use com1 (RS232) to program Atmega part?

If Java runs properly the IDE may work. For programming using normal COM ports, you’ll need to get a RS232/TTL adapter. These are cheap and Google leads the way.

But let me ask you, why still use Win9x ? You do realize that there haven’t been any security fixes for this piece of software for more than 2 years! Going online with software in such a state is part of the whole spam/virus/bot/worm problem we all face (or don’t when making the right choice).

It is on an older computer that I use for development. I also have an XP machine that I use on the internet. I can use XP with Arduino IDE but I would rather use the 98se computer.

What I wanted from the forum was a response from someone using 98se or have tried it.

Well, apparently nobody uses it anymore. Thank god for that.

And if you want to test it, why not just download it ?

I have a WIN98se system that runs the LPKF. I’ll give it a try for you…

So; results of the experiment…

It works! I successfully ran the IDE, edited and download BLINK…

I was able to get Ardunino-0015 running on my PII 266MHz W98se system with only minor difficulties (most of which were caused by not having dealt with USB installs on W98 in a long time.)
I had to download and install java, of course.
I had to download the w98 ftdi drivers (which are not included in the Arduino distribution, but are still available from the FTDI site.)

It’s not entirely without “quirks”: for each “background process” that the arduino starts up (compile of a half-dozen files, building libraries, link, etc) I got a visible pop-up DOS window (hmm. But I don’t recall seeing any for the “extra” library compiles. Interesting.) No big deal…

A 266MHz PII seems a lot slower than it used to :slight_smile:

A 266MHz PII seems a lot slower than it used to :slight_smile:

You made me want to setup my old PII and give it a try. But I’ll take your word for it :slight_smile:


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