Windows: Arduino Silent Installation/Deinstallation

hi there,

i’m a sysadmin and some teachers would like to use arduino. so i checked if it’s possible to made a silent installation. it looks like the most trouble are the unsigned drivers. so far i have done this:

i have made all of this on virtual machines!

  • i downloaded the arduino 1.6.3 application and installed it on my virtual client
  • then i exported the 2 arduino certificates with mmc under trusted publisher (see attachment)
  • next is the creation of a msi package with msiwrapper (/S for silent installation)
  • to test the msi package uninstall your previous installation of arduino (the certicates must be in place under trusted publisher)

so my problem is that /S won’t uninstall arduino silently. for me (and i think for other sysadmins) this is a problem. on my windows 2012 domain i can deploy the 2 certificates with gpo and the installation of arduino now works, but i would like to have a silent uninstall too.

i appriciate any help.

Arduino 1.6.3 Driver (2.47 KB)

I don't know how you intend to deploy you msi package and I don't know how much you can do with msiwrapper but if you have the possibility to run command lines as part of your deployment you can import the certificates using the below commands prior to installation and remove them again after uninstallation.

Import certificates

certutil -addstore TrustedPublisher "arduino llc.cer"
certutil -addstore TrustedPublisher "arduino srl.cer"

Remove certificates

certutil -delstore TrustedPublisher 112163d5cf472f1fe809342364d52610aecb
certutil -delstore TrustedPublisher 659f0c91c3d8362b08b82a85db25e19c