Windows command line build Error (.cpp appended to .pde???)

I’m writing my .pde’s in Visual Studio 10 without any problems, just switching to the Arduino compiler to both build it and upload it to my Uno. One of the values of the built in intellisense in Visual Studio is that the dot notation exposes all of the other methods in addition to the ones I know, hence learning is fast-track. And I like it!

So my next step is to build from Visual Studio as well as write code there.

Now, the Windows Command Line opportunities look very tasty indded, vis-a-vis

Even better (I think), put the Windows Command Line in a .bat file and then fire that from Visual Studio!

Hence I’ve put it all together as per the link above, but gone that step further, I’ve added the command line to a .bat file and added the .bat to the Visual Studio post-build event (its the only thing pressing F5 does) so that merely hitting F5 it should build and upload. Hmppf. ‘Should’!

The error that I am getting (both just hitting the .bat as per the above link, or as a post-build event in Visual Studio), is as follows:

Error 1 error : cannot compile .\obj\C:\Users\XQuirrel\Desktop\Sketches\Arduino\ArduinoVS\ArduinoVS\ArduinoVS.pde.cpp using command: C:\Users\XQuirrel\Desktop\Sketches\Arduino\ArduinoVS\ArduinoVS\abuild.bat ArduinoVS

The bat command line that I used (as per the above link), was:
abuild -u "C:\Users\XQuirrel\Desktop\Sketches\Arduino\ArduinoVS\ArduinoVS\ArduinoVS.pde"

Any ideas?

If you are using any visual studio version other than express then you can use the free Visual Micro addin for Visual Studio. The addin allows us to program, compile and upload to any arduino microcontroller using Visual Studio.