Windows could not find drivers for your device

Hi everyone, first time in Arduino world, and I'm having trouble with driver installation.
I've tried going to device manager > update driver> manually browse driver's folder location, but it keeps saying "windows could not find drivers for your device"
I've tried reinstalling IDE,, reinstall with previous version of 1.8.14, 1.8.13, 1.0.6,, installing from microsoft store vs zip package vs exe. files, and reseting the arduino uno but none works. Right now the board has ON led turned on, and slow blinking of L led, resetting turns the L led to blinking twice fast, so I'm assuming the board has no problem?

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Chances are you are using a CLONE which may need extra drivers not available with the IDE.
Include a decent picture of the area near the USB connector.

What hardware IDs are shown in device properties?

Hardware ID's are not always a good clue.

VID and PID are :wink:

Considering that all we know about the board is "arduino uno", it would be better to check these. There are tons of clones with different chips for the USB part.

I'm not sure what you guys mean by VID and PID haha, does the image help?


Its a CH340 chip so you need the correct drivers which are linked here.

Not everybody knows how or what those are so we tend to get better results from pictures as is seen above.

There were also some oddball PIV VID's a long time ago too about the time of the FTDIGATE.

VID and PID stand for VendorID and ProductID and relate to the USB standard. In Windows you can find them in device manager as shown below

I couldn't open the link, but I googled CH340 driver and it worked!!!!! thank you everyone!!!! Expecially @ballscrewbob, you're my hero!

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