Windows defender alerts me of Arduino_Create_Bridge.exe

Windows defender recently alerts me of an Arduino Create plugin file. Below are the details of the alert:
Potentially unwanted app found
Detected: PUA:Win32/Puwander.B!ml
Affected items:
file: C:\Users\someUser\AppData\Roaming\ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1\Arduino_Create_Bridge.exe
You can also find the screenshot in the attachment.

The version of Windows Defender is:
Security intelligence version: 1.329.456.0

Can someone take a look at it and notify Microsoft if it's a false positive?

Thanks in advance,

Hello! Could you please provide the version of the agent you are using? You should be able to retrieve this info by clicking on the tray bar icon. Also the OS version could be useful.
From where you downloaded the agent? From Github or during the getting started?

How to calculate the checksum
On Windows 10
Open Powershell and digit this command to calculate MD5 checksum:

certutil -hashfile /path/to/file MD5

To calculate SHA512 checksum digit:

certutil -hashfile /path/to/file SHA512

It is a "false positive" in this case.

You can always submit the file to VIRUS TOTAL for a more in depth view.

Current results show zero issues with the release candidate.