Windows do doesn't recognize my arduino

I am new to this and am trying to figure something out. Any help would be much appreciated.

I have Windows XP service pack3 and a genuine Arduino nano.

If I plug in the nano after the pic has finished booting up I can navigate to the device manager and see the com port that the Arduino is connected as. But if I shut down the PC and do not unplug the nano. Then turn the PC back on and navigate to the device manager the Arduino does not show up in the com ports. If I then unplug and plug in the Arduino then it pops up in the com ports. Is this normal? Is there a way for Windows to always recognize the nano while the PC is booting up. I need this to happen so that another software can see the port without having to unplug every time.

What else is connected to the Arduino?

To me it sounds like a power problem or something. Some PC's don't allow full current when the PC is turned off so maybe the voltage drops when the PC is off getting the converter hung up or something.

Normal is to just show up when you boot.

Only a couple switches are connected. I also tested this with nothing but the USB cable plugged into the nano and still get the same result. Also have tried two other new USB cables and two different computers. One PC is Windows XP and the other is Windows 7 64 bit.

mm, then I'm out of options... Mine never do that but okay, they are all clones... No FTDI rubbish.

Thanks for answering septillion