Windows does not attach com port to arduino

Hello everybody,

I have Arduino Uno R3 clone, windows 10 64 bit (up to date) with installed the latest Arduino IDE (1.6.11) and the latest drivers. When i plug arduino “Ports (COM & LTP) → Arduino Uno” shown up on windows device manager. No com port number attached to arduino. On arduino IDE under “Tools → Port” is greyed out. I can’t upload any program to arduino. I searched forum for this issue but can’t find any solution. This problem came up after I refreshed windows. Arduino work well other on windows 8.1 computer. Please help me to solve this problem!


Look at this:

Maybe same issue.

Thank you for your interest. Atmega16u2 is used for usb to uart conversion on my arduino uno, so installing CH340 or FTDI driver has no effect. I also reprogrammed atmega16u2 via Flip. Please suggest me if you have any other advice?

Did you search for this kind of problem in this forum or in the I-Net?
I found a lot of hits.

Out of a lot of other advices just one:

Looks like it likely was a problem with compatibility setting of Arduino program in Properties - was set to WIN 8

Maybe same solution for your problem by using plain Windows10 if it was set to a compatibility mode.

Yes I have searched for this kind of problem on internet and found some problems a bit different from mine. A lot of them suggest reinstall driver, install FTDI or CH340 driver, reprogram atmega16u2, run with compatibility mode etc... I have tried all of this and resulted with no succes. All of this problems related with windows' recognition of arduino. In my situation windows recognizes arduino but can't attach com port number. I think there is no problem related with arduino IDE. I installed visual micro on visual studio. There is no com port appears on visual studio too.
I heard that arduino has problem with usb 3.0. I have only usb3 port and arduino plugged in that. Is this couses the problem? If yes, before I refreshed my windows arduino works with no problem on usb3 port.
Any suggestion?


I heard that arduino has problem with usb 3.0.

In fact there are problems with USB 3.0.

efore I refreshed my windows arduino works with no problem on usb3 port

You never know what Microsoft does when installing updates. Having written some little programs/sketches - you see a problem, correct it, bring in another problem .. That's the world of programming and MS is apparently good at this. That's why I am on a Mac :slight_smile:

What you can do to see if your Arduino is still alive:
Connect it to another PC, laptop etc. Go to a friend and try it there if you have no other machine at home.

Well, I have no further idea what to do as I don't have that experience with Windows10 and USB 3.0.