"Windows encountered a problem installing the drivers for your device"

Im trying to connect to my Nano on my PC. YEsterday on my MAC it was no probem.

I cant find the port when I go to online or desktop editor.

WHen I try to install driver for the arduino Nano on the computer I get the error message as in the photo I have posted. Can someone help me?


Which driver did you try to install? Where did you get it from?

I downloaded Arduino editor from arduinos homepage. I followed a troubleshooting guide on arduino webpage to find the port (This was the first problem, that I couldnt see a port, it was greyed out in the editor -Tools-Ports)

In the guide It says that I should only direct to the driver folder in the arduino pathway. So I didnt try to install any particular driver.

I guess you mean the IDE.

There are a lot of Nano clones that use a different TTL-to-USB chip. You will have to identify the chip underneath the board; the most common one is the CH340 and you can download the latest driver from the WCH website. You can find instructions on this SparkFun page; the driver can be found on the wch website.

If you have a different TTL-to-USB chip (CPxxxx), the above is not applicable and you will have to dig a bit more yourself.

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