windows.h: No such file or directory

How can I get Arduino to include windows.h? I installed Windows SDK and tried assigning the include folder to environment variables with an "include" variable. I also tried copying over library and include files to the proper Arduino folders also without success. Any ideas?

Why do you need Windows.h ??

Arduino can't compile windows code. Perhaps if you say what you are trying to achieve someone can provide some advice.

I am trying to use the RoboRealms API.

RoboRealms API seams to be for a pc based system...

The RoboRealms website FAQ says it is for Windows OS only. You cannot run Windows code on Arduino,

Perhaps if you say more about the project you would like to make you will get some suggestions on how to proceed.

I have a Vexplorer hooked up to an Arduino board and I am trying to use its camera for image analysis, ie: object recognition.

You need to do more research, I think.

I found a program called Gobetwino which allows Arduino to interact with Windows programs through the serial port.