Windows joystick to Arduino.

Hello and thank you for reading this!

I would like to communicate from a windows usb joystick hooked up to a laptop PC to control a relay on my Arduino Uno via the serial cable. There are a lot of projects making an Arduino a joystick and communicating with Windows but not any I can find from PC to Arduino.

Could someone point me in the right direction????

Thank you again so much!!!!

You could use Processing (or plain Java) and something like JXInput - Input Devices for Java.

You will need a program that reads the joystick on the PC (any language with joystick and serial support should work). You will need some serial communication protocol and the receiving Arduino sketch.

Many thanks. Quark has a good program written for reading joystick values from windows in processing.

I will have a hard time learning processing from scratch to send the info to the Arduino though...coding is hard for me. :(