Windows tablet

Hope someone here can help me.
I want to buy a windows 10 tablet to connect my cnc machine to it.
But before i spend a lot of money on it, does anyone know if its possible to connect a arduino uno to a windows 10 tablet and send codes to it trough a "com" port?
Software i use is lasergrbl and a other program (can't renember the name)
Hope someone can help me out with this, for now i use my desktop but i want it to be a portable cnc macine (It's a small one, but my desktop is a huge one hehe)

Hope its in the correct forum

Thanks :slight_smile:

I'm sure you can do it. The only things necessary are that there is a driver written for the operating system to support the USB-serial chip on your Uno and that you can find or write an application to send serial communication. Both these things are certainly commonly done with Windows 10 and I'm not sure how a tablet would change that, though I must admit I have zero experience with either.

As long as it has a USB port to plug the cable into you should be good. Try to get one with USB 2.0 ports to spare yourself the potential pain of USB 3.0, which sometimes has compatibility issues