Windows Temp folder Arduino .tmp files

I have both the 022 and the 1.0 rc1 IDE software installed on a Windows XP SP3 desktop PC.

I have the software installed and appears to be working OK, but noticed there are several hundred “console” and “untitled” files with a long number in filename being created in my documents “Temp” folder. When I click menu to show sketch location it takes me to this folder even there is another path name setup in preferences. I cleared the files out and they keep being generated each time I open the IDE. I have followed the documentation and all my files, libraries etc seem to be in the correct place. I have both versions 0022 and 1.0 rc1 installed each in separate folders their own libraries etc. Is this normal or is someting wrong with my setup ? ?

Another query… I think I only have the one preferences.txt file… Is this OK seems to have entries for both 022 and 1.0 rc1 versions ??? it is in C:/Documents&Settings/yyy/application data/Arduino/preferences.txt

My operating system is Microsoft Windows XP SP3

Below is directory listing of the temp folder after simply running the Arduino exe and then closing without doing anything other than looking at the blank opening sketch.
The console folders are created each time the IDE runs and have stderr.txt and stdout.txt files in them all empty. the untitled folders are created each time the IDE runs and have an empty sketch oct_08.pde in them…ie todays date .pde

the hsperfdata_yyy folder is empty and is overwritten each time so does not accumulate.

I run CCcleaner to clear out my PC from time to time and this clears out this folder so the hundreds of files that were created have now cleared, but if I wasnt doing that they would accumulate.

It should be simple for other users to check their folders to see if this is happening with them ???
or is it due to something wrong with my setup ???..Thanks

Directory of C:\Documents and Settings\yyy\Local Settings\Temp

08/10/2011 17:21 .
08/10/2011 17:21 …
08/10/2011 17:16 console280345661122738104.tmp
08/10/2011 17:12 console2930564749381667997.tmp
08/10/2011 16:52 console3272089763683152158.tmp
08/10/2011 17:06 console7436471476790607628.tmp
08/10/2011 17:11 console7524297605529882655.tmp
08/10/2011 17:14 console8869841746778097695.tmp
08/10/2011 16:50 console9160934422448576843.tmp
08/10/2011 17:18 hsperfdata_yyy
08/10/2011 17:16 untitled1478430524995289666.tmp
08/10/2011 17:11 untitled3216160595100245405.tmp
08/10/2011 16:50 untitled3898626693726858715.tmp
08/10/2011 17:11 untitled4087024128276581042.tmp
08/10/2011 17:05 untitled4943143651514610800.tmp
08/10/2011 16:52 untitled5627070422487061634.tmp
08/10/2011 17:14 untitled7527253511630318340.tmp

Is this normal

Yes, it is.