Windows terminal for Due interaction

Hi – I’m wondering how people have been using the USB on the Due (or any Arduino) to write to a terminal prgm on Windows. I already have HyperTerm, so I’ve got the Windows client. The issue is hook-up. For sure, I could get a couple of USB-to-RS232 adapters, and wire them together with a null modem, but is there some way to do it directly, USB-to-USB? This is of course really a Windows question, how to make a USB connection look like a COM port that HyperTerm can latch on to, but I thought I’d ask here to see what others are doing for this. Thanks.

In this case you need to implement USB COMM interface on Arduino. I can't say that it will be easily.

Do you mean a "real" terminal to replace the serial monitor function of the Arduino IDE?

If so, I think PuTTY will work for you.