Windows VB-Arduino Uno application: Will it run on MAC with a virtual windows PC


I have a completely working Windows Visual Basic application with GUI (written on Windows XP) which does two-way serial communication via the USB port to an Arduino Uno. In order to work it needs the Windows .NET framework and of course the Arduino driver. A colleague of mine would like to run this application on a MAC. I do have no knowledge whatsoever of MACs, so I can't write the "native" GUI and communication application for the MAC.

Therefore my question: Is it possible to run the existing Windows application in an emulated Windows environment on a MAC? Would there be any issues with the Arduino driver?

Thank you very much.

Yes, all you need is to enable the USB port on Virtual box (machine) and the install the driver in the Windows OS. Check the Communication port engaged by arduino. ANd go ahead with easy programming. (I case you know how to work with ports.) I am bad at it.