Windows XP and Arduino UNO R3

Hi ALL I've just bought a UNO R3, and I am having problems loading the driver.

I run win xp

I downloaded the IDE, unzipped it and all is good.

Plug in the UNO via the USB. and the green light comes on and the yellow light blinks, and the " hardware update wizard" appears. So far, so good.

When I follow the instructions from "Getting started in arduino" , I can navigate to the folder where the drivers are stored, but no further, and the "OK" button greys out, so I can't tell the wizard where to go to find the driver.

If I go to device manager, it shows up under "other devices", as a USB device, not under "Ports(COM & LPT)

Trying to update the driver from there has the same result.

I have also tried different cables, and all the different USB outlets on my PC.

I hope that some one can point me in the right direction, I have looked through the forum for the last couple of hours, but I can't find a question relating specifically to windows XP.



I FIXED IT!!!!!!!! :D

I copied the driver file (*inf) into the file that seems to be stuck in the Hardware Update Wizard, hit the go button, and all seems to be OK.

I am sure that there will be other queries in the future.