Windshield wiper motor downrigger


I must say at first that i am more fisherman than engineer, but im very enthusiast tinkerer.

I was planning to do a simple and cheap downrigger with pushbuttons and windshield wiper motor as i came accross with this arduino concept. I had tons of ideas and i guess i need to know that are they doable with arduino and shields.

I have a list of features which i want to implement on my premium downrigger.

  • Soft stop and start winding.
  • Button controlled depht set.
  • Automatic rewind up.
  • Setting weight to given depht
  • Some programmable up/down motion patterns.
  • Display for depth (and maybe temperature)

I have some parts which i have planned to use here.

I know that most of the functions need feedback from motor to work and i was going to use some encoder on the wire spool.

What do you think? Am i missing something here or can this be done with something else?

looks great. and is a great idea.

I would offer that no matter what you do, it has to be triple water proof. I would even go to the point of totally sealed and then have a wireless remote.

everything you mentioned is possible with beginners skills. so this is a wonderful idea.

I would go a step further.

add a temperature sensor to your downrigger it would require that your weight be connected with a cable, and that means a larger diameter spool (wire does not like tight, repetitive turns)

look at absolute encoder to see one way to measure the depth. all you really need is one sensor on the spool to know how many rotations, each rotation being a specific distance. (depth) add a second and you double your accuracy.