"wino-board" campaign on kickstarter ? (SAMD21 + Wifi)

I just found this campaign on kickstarter and found it very interesting: basically it's a Atmel SAMD21 (cortex M0+) combined with a ESP8266EX WiFi-module, realized on a very small form-factor (1,05inch x 0,73inch) [26,5 x 18,5 mm] https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/krom/wino-board-the-tiny-10-arduino-with-wifi

it's somehow Arduino Zero compatible, though it uses a smaller processor of the same family SAMD21E17 (128kB Flash / 16kB RAM / 48 MHz) (it's meant to be programmed with the arduino ide 1.6.5+) http://www.wino-board.com/index.php/en/wino-board/technical

I think the advantages are obvious: - really very small - it's cheap - Arduino software compatible - Arduino hardware compatible (with additional programming board) - integrated Wifi & antenna

some disadvantages are: - no integrated USB port (need a small add-on board for that) - no 0.1" [2.54mm] breadboard-friendly header (it's 2.0mm instead)

what do you think of it ?

(I'm not related/associated in any way with the campaign owner...)

That looks really cool, I wonder how it'll compare to a Microduino. Because they're essentially the same thing aren't they?

does microduino have cortex M0 and integrated WiFi as well ?