WinXP Empty menus in IDE

I'm using Windows XP SP2. I've just downloaded the arduino software. When I double-click arduino.exe the IDE opens OK, no error messages, but all the menus are empty. The editor works, and I can drag an example file into the editor and Verify it using the toolbar buttons. Uploading to a Uno doesn't work, but I guess this might be because I can't set the target system. Device Manager seems happy, with the Uno on COM4. I've tried 0022 and 0021, same result. Any ideas?

Can you verify the system you are running on has a correctly installed & operational Java Runtime Environment?

I would just delete everything and get another download and reinstall.


With LEFTY ReUNZIP the IDE first (The Zipped pack you already have!) if it's working okey, if its not then Download a New! one.(Sometimes Unzipping can be faulty too.)

Thanks for your replies.

I don't think there is anything wrong with the download. I copied the zip file to an old laptop, and arduino installed successfully on that machine. I have copied the unzipped files back to the problem machine - same problem. (I don't want to use the laptop for development because the USB ports are not very powerful, and only USB1.1)

I updated java in the problem machine. Java control panel now says Standard Edition v6 update 24. The laptop has v6 update 23. More than that, I don't know.

The Windows download of Arduino includes Java, so you might need to delete that to get it to use the newer version installed on your computer. You might also try upgrade the drivers for your video card. The problem is likely with either of those (Java or video card drivers).

I've deleted the arduino java folder, and removed some earlier java versions with Add/Remove Programs, so all I've got now is v6_24. No good.

I've also tried updating the video driver. Same.

I'd like to find out what is causing the problem, but in the meantime, I have an old VMware Workstation installed, so I made an XP VM. Arduino software runs OK, but I can't try to upload to an arduino board until tomorrow.

Thanks again.