Wip3out arduino style

Not mine, hence why it’s here not exhibition.

Someone’s made a Wip3out style track, the vehicle is a remote control car with a wireless video camera and the control is done in an arcade cabinet.


Even though I’ve seen it before, I still love it!


I only wish it could be made smaller (like a slot-car track), so I could have one at home (you could get a smaller car, and a small camera, but I am not sure about battery run time)…


yeah saw this a while ago TOALLY AWESOME!

would be fun to extend the concept

space invaders (little autonomous robots and a sucker gun!)

doom :slight_smile: a maze with more little robots and maybe a water pistol!

i remember a very old arcade game called possibly “driver” … it was a racing game but used real film footage and cut between the various sequences, bit like atari’s laser disc based dragon’s lair … i’m showing my age :slight_smile:


dragon’s lair was by cinematronics but was licensed by atari in europe (where i am)

and i found the driving game (god i love the internet)


it wasn’t video it was 16mm film !!!




Those were pretty cool, dada; I’m always “amazed” at what they could do as an arcade game using mechanical and optical elements at the time. I grew up when “Pole Position” was the hot arcade game (and I already feel “old”); I would love to try some of the ones you posted…

I’m with you on the age thing, Pole Position was pretty current for me too. It is amazing what has happened in our lifetimes with digital computation and electronics. Truly amazing. We are very much the pivotal generation too, a very unique perspective. Like being born at the turn of the industrial revolution. My friend’s son who is 10 couldn’t understand how people communicated without text messages and couldn’t believe my high school had one computer!

As for the games, cool aren’t they?! After more Googling I have discovered they are “electromechanical arcade games”. I’d love to make let alone play them!

See it on a different thread. Still very very cool, with retro PWM sound effects, good old days with Nintendo family comps. If I buy a house and have kid(s), I will make something similar.