wiper motor wiring and driver

I'm a newbie to the micro controller world. My first real project involves using a 12V DC wiper motor to open and close a door. I've been able to acquire a wiper motor from a junk car. It has a total of 5 wires. I've identified the ground and two wires for fast and slow. I'm assuming the other two have something to do with being able park the motor.

Is there a way to tell how the other two should be used other than trial and error?

More importantly, should I use the ULN2003 driver board or something like an L293D. Being a newbie, I'm a little confused about the main differences other than the L293D can drive 2 motors.


Hi, and welcome.

Window wiper motors come in a large variety.
All i've seen are DC motors, so you only need to control a single coil.
You will not be able to control this by using an ULN2003 or a L293D, because they can't nearly deliver the current a wiper motor would like.
The L293D can handle 600 mA, which really isn't enough, and it has a spare stage you would not be using.

Motors like these would like to have some 5 to 7 amperes to run, but it depends on the type.
So you would need to use a setup that can handle a much larger current.
You really should try to find the specs for that motor, or a motor of which you know the specs of.
Then you can think of a way to control it.

I'm assuming the other two have something to do with being able park the motor.

This could be correct but it is common to do this mechanically with a pawl changing the crank geometry via a one shot solenoid. The extra wires may be due to intermittent motion or perhaps an interlock for the washer pump but, if they aren't causing a problem, you can probably ignore them. There are a lot of wipers about and, if you really need to know, you need to check the service manual for that type of car.

You probably need an h-bridge like below to drive the motor. Youtube has some windshield wiper motor project videos.


It's a long time (years) since I looked inside a windscreen wiper motor. I remember them having connections for different speeds. The park position used to involve a stationary metal disk with a small segment cut away. When an electrical contact attached to the wiper arm landed on the cutaway the power would be disconnected and the motor would stop. When you had the wiper swtch ON it would overrride the loss of power at that segment. Effectively there were two switches in parallel - the one on the dashboard and the one created by the contact arm and the metal disk.


is there any tutorial i have the same issue

You need to identify the wires that power directly the motor winding, I opened mine and got rid of the others.
Regarding how many amps it draws you can measure either the winding resistance or directly power it from a 12V battery and measure the amps with the rotor locked, that will show the max amps it needs ,in stalled condition. At 5V it will take 40% of 12V amps.
Be careful since it has enough torque to break a finger or two

1 second on google turned this up - didn't you try searching ?

Excuse me, can you program a way to tell that my / install arduino, wiring diagrams and components required, for wiper as in this vidio Windshield Wiper Control System using Arduino - YouTube me confused, please help,thanks sir . i am from indonesian

Look at the Servo Sweep example that comes with the Arduino IDE. There are also example programs for buttons and potentiometers.


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