Wire Displacement Sensor, where to source?

Hey all, I searched the forum and haven't seen reference to a little gizmo like this one:


which is a linear displacement sensor, or "yoyo pot", or draw wire sensor etc. Basicallly you pull the string and get either a digital or analog signal out the other end to determine linear (or multidimensional) travel.

Due to the physically constrained nature of my little sensing and motor control project, I think of all of the sensor approaches I could use, this one seems best suited.

Unfortunately, this type of sensor seems to be of the "call for pricing" variety, and I can't find something like it on any of the usual low cost electronics suppliers. One place I actually called quoted me $300 for 1 unit. Wow. Anyone know of a good source for something in the $5 price range? The accuracy requirements aren't that high, +/- 1mm would be fine.

I'm loath to make on emyself as I'm making a bunch of stuff already, but if you hav ea link to someone who has constructed such a thing I would be appreciative!


Did you ever get a solution for this one?

I know it's old, hopefully you finished your project!

I need the same thing for my project!

They do seem expensive. The two cheapest I could fine are...


I am looking for the same thing. Is there any one find it with around $5 to $10?