Wire heating control for robotic hand / arm system - Nylon fishing line muscles

I am building a robotic hand / arm system with the goal of using the Nylon fishing line muscles / Nicrome wire heating.
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I am thinking of an Arduino / Raspberry Pi paring - the Arduino for the analog current / movement sensor controls, and the Pi for processing sensor feedback and managing the dexterous movement complexities.

I'm thinking I'd like to dynamically control the heat ceiling with temperature sensors, and control the amount of current via a flex sensor (more bend -> more current until the required bent is obtained)

What sort of circuit additions / design should I look into to control current flow via the Arduino?

Current flow can be controlled by PWM. Use a logic level MOSFET With low internal resistance.


So the idea would be to use PWM feeding into the gate input of the MOSFET, controlling the heating of the wire?


Look at other projects in the forum on using MOSFETs with PWM.