Wire input as button

good morning! For the life of my I cannot figure out how this is super sensitive.

My goal is from pin # 7 I have a wire leading out into a alligator clip that’s connected to tin foil to act as a button so when My hand hovers over the tin foil it will turn “on”. The issue is the wire leading out to pin 7 is way to sensitive and automatically picks up “on” before even reaching the tin foil. I also have a ground on the other side of the foil, but it does seem to even let me get a signal on the foil! Do I need a certain resistor at the start of pin 7? I attached a image. Thank you for your time.

I’m a beginner so sorry if this is a newbie question but I cannot seem to get past this.

I attached a image.

To what?

Have you looked at the capacitive sensor library, to see how it manages capacitive sensors?

Sorry I’m having a issue uploading says too big