Wire Library source

All ready to go with a small project to introduce myself to I2C. Found example code but I am having a heck of a time finding the Wire Library. I've been searching quite a while and have found explanations of the library but not the library itself. Would someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks - Scotty

You already have it - it's included with the IDE.

What OS are you on? It is included in the arduino code files. On a mac it is in:-

The location is different depending on the version of the IDE. Assuming you are using a vendor core that comes with the IDE: In 1.0.5 it is in: {installdir}/libraries/Wire

In 1.5.4 it is in: {installdir}/hardware/avr/libraries/Wire {installdir}/hardware/sam/libraries/Wire

Pre 1.5 it was in a common location since they only supplied a single vendor core. In 1.5.4 the libraries in {installdir}/libraries are not hardware specific whereas the Wire library is so it was moved to a libraries directory down under the hardware directory for that vendor core. Currently, the Arduino team is still struggling as to where to put hardware specific libraries and so things can vary depending on which version of the IDE you have.

--- bill

Thanks Gentlemen. Learned something new. I did find the library via a search. I was assuming that all libraries would be in the same directory as the libraries I had downloaded. - Scotty