Wire library support for 24LC1025 EEPROM

The 24LC1025 EEPROM is a TWI/I2C chip. I can write/read from it using the Arduino example at playground/Code/I2CEEPROM, but I can't do page writes (greater than 30 bytes). This is because of the Wire library's hardcoded buffer size of 32 bytes (30 data + 2 address bytes). I don't want to do individual write bytes for all 128 bytes of a page (it uses up memory lifespan for the whole page everytime you write a byte, and also you have to delay(5) between writes!). So, I'd like to make the Wire library be able to write a full page at a time. Why doesn't modifying /usr/share/arduino/libraries/Wire Wire.h BUFFER_LENGTH and utility/twi.h TWI_BUFFER_LENGTH to both be 130 instead of 32 work? I'm wondering if these changes aren't being picked up when I compile my sketch? Am I trying to use too much memory with these buffers?

Which Arduino IDE are you using?

I'm using Arduino 0018.

"Older" versions did not recompile library source files when they were changed. You can delete the dot-o files and then compile to get around the problem.

I know version 0019 does not have this problem. It always recompiles library source files. I suggest first upgrading to at least version 0019.