Wire Library


Wire.h: No such file or directory

I try to find the the library that includes Wire.h

I guess it is this:

"Wire Library
This library allows you to communicate with I2C / TWI devices. "


But I can't find it in the Library manager, there is no library calld "Wire Library"

The search function in the Library Manager is not that great to use.

A lot of libraries are part of the devices core, they dont show up in library manager.

Wire.h should be included in the core of Arduino devices, you dont need to load it manually.

Helpful to know which Arduino you are using ?

ESP 12F at the moment

what if I deleted all librarys and wanted to start all over, How to download the core files then ?

How to download the core files then ?

The ESP12 is not an Arduino.

Maybe whoever produced the plug in for the Arduino IDE did not include a Wire library.

Do you use a "board" with a voltage regulator, some capacitors, a usb-serial chip and a usb connector ? If not, how do you upload a sketch ?
You need to install the ESP8266 environment and select the board that you use.
The ESP8266 has a Wire library which is compatible with the Arduino Wire library. If that fails, then your build environment might be broken.

And, of course, you need the newest Arduino IDE with a updated ESP8266 environment.

The ESP12 is a type of ESP8266. The Arduino core files for this board do contain Wire.h.

The esp8266 core files should be located in your Arduino15 folder.

Did you install the files needed to run the esp8266 from the Arduino IDE?

Here's a link to tutorial on the procedure. There are many more to be found using Google.