Wire Sorter using Arduino UNO

A few months ago I posted about making a wire sorter. You can read the thread here


I finally had a chance to try it out, and it was successful.

The photo shows the sending unit attached to approximately 12 wires. The sender can attach to up to 16.
The receiver was located about 30 feet away. I was able to identify 11 wires including one that was open.
Both sender and receiver use a 4 AA battery pack with on off switch that I purchased with the DC plug attached
for the UNO power input ( I believe I purchased from DigiKey ).
Obviously all power was locked out before using this.

Thanks for the help and ideas. Only thing left is to make cases for 2 units.

wire_sorter.pdf (55.9 KB)

UNO_16_out_serial_sender_final.ino (2.64 KB)

UNO_wire_sort_receiver_final_ino.ino (12.8 KB)

How cool Something that actually helps out in the real world! As for cases, have you looked into 3D printing?

-jim lee

Yes I've thought about it, but at the moment I don't have plans to get into 3D printing.
I'm planning on using clear acrylic to glue together a box. I'll post when done. It's a bit cold right now and the glue I plan on using is not suitable at the lower temperature.

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