Wire strippers

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Looking to get a GOOD pair of wire strippers for christmas. Auto sizing, adjustable fixed length, etc. I hate trying to strip a bundle of wires and cutting into the insulation of the inner wires, so I'm looking for the right tool.

What do you experts use?

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I have been doing some panel wiring. 18ga stranded wire.

I just bought these to try them out


I have tried several different designs and ended up using this style.

I use a pair like these. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Blue-Spot-08190-Inch-Strippers/dp/B000LP9X3E/ref=sr_1_6/276-4204263-6963266?ie=UTF8&qid=1447642868&sr=8-6&keywords=wire+strippers They're adjustable to almost any size wire.

Are they invisible Henry__Best? 8)

dave-in-nj, those would be good if they went smaller, like 26 or 28.

CrossRoads: Are they invisible Henry__Best? 8)

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