Wire stuck in pin hole? Please help!!!

Okay, so I had a jumper wire in my arduino, I dropped the arduino on the floor and the jumper wire bent. I slowly pulled it out, and the jumper wire broke, and now the wire part is stuck in the 5v pin of the arduino?!?!


U can desolder the 5v pin and put a new pin on. It should be easy if you have the materials. Or U can leave the pin where it is and solder a new pin 90 degrees from it under your arduino if you find removing the whole row of pins too annoying

did you try getting it out using tweezers/ needle?

try flushing it out with pressurized air(like from a can that you clean computers) then shake/whack the board against a desk to try and loosen the wire and finally try and either get it with tweezers or another wire to slide it out