Wire Stuck in Slot

:( I got my Arduino today and managed to get some wire stuck in the TX slot. It's probably a few mm, but I can't see it. I've been trying to get it out with various pointy objects.. any suggestions? :'(

what do you mean? the top of the wire broke off and stayed in the slot?

if so, try vacuuming it, or maybe try shaking it, not too hard though, just enough to try to free it, and if you can fit any pliers in there, or a wire cutter to pinch it and pull it out...

good luck!

Inside is something like a tuning fork made of copper. Hope that helps.

Was it already there when you received it? If yes, you can ask another one to dealer.

But if not, and if you cannot remove it, you have the option of to unsolder the pins, remove only one "fork" from plastic package, remove the stucked wire, and solder it again.