Wire suggestion needed

I'm planning on wiring 126 LED's to one PCB (the LOL Shield). Ultimately, I'm creating a project where the LEDs are separated from the PCB.


I'm figuring that I'll need 252 wires, but I'm not sure which wires will solder best (through-hole) in what will be a very tight soldering space.

I'm looking for recommendations on:

  1. Wire Gauge
  2. Solid Core or Stranded
  3. Where to buy ~200 feet.


I wouldn't solder the wires directly to the board, Instead, I would use 2-pin headers as connectors. More versatility, less error-prone, easier to expand/debug etc. You got the idea.

Solder in wirewrap pins, then connect via 30 guage wirewrap wire from pins to LEDs. Most LEDs have square pins and you can wirewrap directly to them.

For example:

Hi, What's the distance you need to extend to the LEDs? Will there be any movement between the board and LEDs? How will the LEDs be mounted??

Maybe these prestripped stranded wires would work: http://arduino-direct.com/sunshop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=132

Or you need something like #22 (bigger) to #26 (smaller) stranded or solid wire. Stranded needed if there will be movement.

DISCLAIMER: Mentioned stuff from my own shop...

Thanks all for the replies. I'm going to research the suggestions today.

I'll be extending the LED's about a foot from the LOL shield. There will be movement between the board and LEDs. Each LED will be mounted inside of a tiny tube (slid inside).

Because of the cramped working space, I was thinking that I needed 30 gauge stranded wire. Like this: http://www.newark.com/pro-power/pp1002/hook-up-wire-100ft-28awg-cu-green/dp/45M6375

I like the idea of the 2 pin headers, but I'm confused. I see how you could solder them into the board, but then how would you connect the wires to them?

Thanks all for the great suggestions

How flexibly do you need them? Solid wire might be better for holding a certain position, it wont be a problem if all the leds are secured for stranded, but if they aren't secured much solid would give you some support