Wire TFT 320QDT_9341

I've worked with arduino in my spare time as a hobi, i know the basics, i'm developing a park assistant for my car and.

What i have now :

Measuring the distance and outputing the data on the serial monitor in arduino IDE

What i would like :

Display the data on the TFT 320QDT_9341 3.2 touchscreen display. I've got the correct library, just don't know how to correctly connect it to the arduino.

I've got an arduino Duemilanove and a TFT 320QDT_9341 3.2 display with no shield as a gift and don't know how to connect it.

Screen has ILI9341 controller and i found this documentation : http://pucelj.si/slike/pdf/ILI9341.pdf

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As a general rule you use a 40-pin Adapter Shield for Mega2560 or Due.
Plug your 3.3V 40-pin display into the Adapter shield.

A Mega2560 has got enough GPIO pins for a 16-bit parallel TFT, SPI Touch Controller, SPI SD Card, SPI Flash memory chip.

The Adapter Shield looks after all the 5V to 3.3V level shifting.

I think that your TFT 320QDT_9341 display uses an 8-bit bus. So it is possible to use with a Uno or Duemilanove. You can get an Adapter shield for a Uno like this

If you don't want to buy an Adapter, you can buy all the level shifters for 13-17 lines and solder them all yourself.